Social performance monitoring

Social performance management (SPM) is an institutionalized process of translating social mission into practice. Do Oikocredit loans reach those who need them and help bring positive change in the lives of individuals, families and the community? Empowerment of people with low incomes, sharing our resources and the creation of a more just society are at our core and for those reasons, it's essential we measure how our work affects lives.

Oikocredit's aim is to support a holistic view of microfinance organizations, helping to identify ways in which microfinance institutions (MFIs) can improve outcomes for clients, whilst taking into account the capacity of the institution and the need for strong financial performance.

Key areas that Oikocredit look at when we think of Social Performance:

Fair interest rates charged by MFIs to end borrowers

To help keep interest rates charged by partners at fair levels, we are reviewing the annual percentage rates (APRs) that microfinance partners charge their clients.

Universal Standards for Social Performance

In June 2012, the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) introduced the Universal Standards for Social Performance, which Oikocredit has adopted.

Mentoring social performance

In 2012, Oikocredit began the second phase of its social performance mentoring programme for microfinance institutions. Microfinance institutions involved in this programme have reported changes in policies, operations and improvements in key result areas such outreach and portfolio risk.

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