We provide loans, credit lines, equity investments and term deposits to eligible microfinance institutions, trade cooperatives, savings and credit cooperatives, agricultural processors/exporters and Fair trade organizations. The loans range between 50,000 to 10,000,000 Euros or the equivalent in local currency based on the partners’ needs and assessment of the institution.

Our loans can be in one of the following areas:


We finance the entire chain of agriculture which includes production, processing, warehouse receipting, collective marketing systems and transportation, harvesting and storage plus mechanization.

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Portfolio growth on-lending

Oikocredit offers credit for working capital and on-lending to microfinance institutions and savings and credit cooperatives who in turn dispense life-changing loans to the poor and disadvantaged with special emphasis on rural areas and women.

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This is mainly for agriculture projects.

Equity investments and term deposits

Oikocredit also invests with projects which enhance social justice and equality through equity investments and term deposits.

Loan specifications

Loan has to be utilized for income-generating projects

  • Term of the loan: From 1 to 6 years for a local currency loan and up to 10 years for a loan in Euros or US Dollars
  • Grace period: A grace period of 3 to 12 months of capital payments can be offered based on the needs of the borrower
  • Interest rate: Reasonable and variable considering the market rates for comparable transactions as well as the risks and development relevance of the project.
  • Securities: Suitable securities are required from the borrowing institution and its representatives to ensure serious commitment to the success of the undertaking
  • Arrangement fee: Oikocredit charges a standard arrangement fee of 1% of the total loan amount.

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