Oikocredit has a diverse and growing portfolio of equity investments. We invest in equities for dual returns: development impact (social performance) and capital gains. Oikocredit equity investments seek to collaborate with companies that are aligned in bringing people out of poverty.

When we invest in a company, our aim is to assist that company in becoming stronger and more effective in reaching its goals to the benefit of stakeholders and intended beneficiaries. This means that Oikocredit has an active role in the governance of investee companies and makes sure that we add value to them. This includes providing advice and contacts, offering technical assistance where appropriate and making sure that the company complies with environmental, social and governance requirements.

If there is a sound balance between the company’s social, financial and environmental objectives, this usually adds to the value of the company. 

Long-term investment horizon

Our equity investments have a long-term investment horizon, are demand-driven and flexible, and can range from € 50,000 to € 5 million. We can provide equity or quasi-equity (including convertible debt) tailored to meet the needs of potential investee institutions.

Our equity partners are often looking for strong institutional shareholders which:

  • share their mission and values
  • bring expertise and insight to the organization
  • focus on social as well as financial returns

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